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About Small Dev Tools

Developer productivity is a valuable commodity in today's market. As a result, companies spend thousands of dollars on improving and managing developer productivity. Small Dev tool is an attempt towards improving the same.

Developers come across many problems that are easily solvable via multiple tools. The problem is that these tools are scattered across the Internet, behind a paywall, with complex UI, or have disturbing ads.

Small dev tool tries to break the above pattern by providing:

  • Minimal user interface
  • Ad free experience
  • No complex signup flow
  • Lightning speed
  • Privacy first: None of your data is stored
  • 1 click output
  • 1 click output sharing
  • Community first approach: Share your feedback on our discord.
    For feedback, suggestions or tool requests, join our discord.

About Arcana.Network

Arcana Network helps developers onboard users and securely manage their data.

  • Arcana Auth: Use social auth or passwordless email login to onboard users to Web3 and create wallets. Reduce churn and increase conversion rate, no friction of setting up wallets and managing public private keys
  • Arcana Store: End-to-end encrypted decentralized storage
  • Arcana Access: On-chain access control to encrypted data. Securely store and share data, access managed through smart contracts and DIDs.






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