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JS Compressor



About Javascript compressor or javascript minifier Tool

How can we use this javascript minifier Tool?

Steps for online javascript minification or compression

  1. Enter the Javascript in the editor.
  2. Click Compress JS button and it will compress js, and show in the output.
  3. Click copy button to copy the minified javascript code.

What is Javascript minifier Tool?

Javascript minifier compresses or minifies the javascript code to reduce the file size.

How does Javascript minifier Tool works?

Javascript minifier tool parser the code & removes comments, blank lines, new lines, shortens the variable name, functions names and does various others logics to compress the javascript code.

Why should developers compress Javascript?

Minifying javascript is very important these days. More javascript file size will increase page loading time and consequently makes website slow. Compressing javascript will reduce the file size and increase the website loading time. Faster page loading means better user experience and better ranking in google search result.

How much percent will the code size gets reduced?

Percentage reduction depends on the input code. But experimentally we have seen a reduction in almost 95% of the size reduction in minified code for most JavaScript

Example of Javascript code compression

Check below example for javascript minification:

Input Javascript code:
Check input code Here

Output Javascript code:
Check output code Here

Check all comments, blank lines and whitespaces are remove to make it very much smaller.

Is this Javascript code compression tool safe & secure?

Yes, this Javascript code compression tool is safe & secure. We do not save any of your data in server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party.