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Test Data Generator


Field Name Field Type
Maximum 5000 rows

About test dataset generator

How can we use this Fake data generator tool?

Steps for generating test data

  1. Enter Field name & select Field Type: Enter field name & select the field type based on your data need.
  2. Add Field/Columns: Click on the green "Add field" button to add a column.
  3. Total Rows: Enter the total number of rows required in fake dataset.
  4. Output Format: Select the fake dataset output format, it can be JSON or CSV.
  5. Click Generate: And the dataset file will get downloaded

What different data types are supported in this fake data generation tool?

15+ different types of data types are supported in this dummy data generator tool. Check the Field type selection above, some of them are Name, Email, Mobile number, Address, Sentences and a lot more.

Can we import this test dataset to database?

Yes, easily the test data can be imported to any database like MySQL/MSSQL or others. Just download the test data in CSV format, and import it in your database using a csv importer.

What is test data or fake data or dummy data?

Test data are also called fake data or dummy data. It is real-looking data but fake. Test data is a bunch of random data that have been generated from a variety of different sources.

What is test data generator?

Test data generator or fake data generator or dummy data generator is a useful tool to help you generate a lot of realistic fake data that you may not be able to get otherwise. For example, it can help you generate hundreds of user profile information or credit card data or weather data, fake address, and a lot more, or Free. This is great for getting data for testing purposes in your application. It is basically a dummy data generator built into a web page.

What is the use of test data generated?

One of the most important tools for a software developer and a QA (quality analyst) is to be able to test their software with realistic fake data. It gives a better idea of how effective the software is, helps to identify bugs & issues, and load test the software with a large amount of data.

So these dummy data generator tools give a large dataset that can be used for such purposes. Also the data can be used in train different models.

It's a great way to get an idea of how different pieces of data will affect your application. The idea is that you can make up some data and see how it will perform in different scenarios.

Why is realistic data important?

It is important that the test data generated should be real-looking data. This will help to perform any kind of simulation or testing with real data and not similar kinds of data. If your dataset is real like then the output will very effective

Is this fake data generator safe & secure?

Yes, this fake data generator is safe & secure. We do not save any of your data in server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party.

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