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URL Decode



About URL Decoder

What is URL decoding?

URL decoding a reverse process of url encoding.

In this a url encoded string is converted to a plain decoded string.

How do you decode a URL?

All web programming languages provides methods that take input the encoded string and provide the decoded string as output.

Example of URL decoding

Check below for the simple example:

Input URL encoded string: Hello+World+-+How+are+you%3F

Output url decoded plain string: Hello World - How are you?

If you'll notice carefully the decoded output string all "+" symbol are converted into space (while encoding all space are converted to + symbol) and other non ASCI character are converted into asci characters.

Which programming language provides URL encoding function?

Almost all web programming languages provides URL decoding functions. So examples:
PHP URL decoding: urldecode($encoded_string)
Python URL decoding: urllib.unquote(encoded_string)
Javascript URL decoding: decodeURIComponent(encoded_string)

How to encode and decode url online?

To encode URL online URL encoding online tool

And to decode URL online URL decoding online tool provides this feature.

Is this URL decoder safe & secure?

Yes, this URL encoder is safe & secure. We do not save any of your data in server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party.