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Share Bin

Press F11 when cursor is in the editor to toggle full screen editing/ Esc to exit full screen

About Share Bin, Online code sharing tool

How can we use this Share Bin tool?

Steps for online sharing code using share bin tool

  1. Enter the Code or Raw Text Enter or paste Raw text or Code in the editor.
  2. Select editor language mode that will be used for highlighting the code.
  3. Enter title/heading
  4. Click Share Code button and it will generate a URL that you can copy and share it in forums or emails or add in website
  5. Click on Code Snapshot button and it will open the code in Carbon editor in a new tab, from where you can take Snapshot of the code

What is Share Bin?

Share Bin is an online code sharing tool. It allows you to share source code of an application or library with just one click, and have other people see it by sharing the generated URL.

What is the use of Share Bin?

This code sharing tool can be useful for easily sharing small code snippets between teams members, or sharing code snippets to clients or including code snippets in website easily with one click.

How is it different from gist or similar tools?

Share Bin doesn't requires any signup/registration and removes all other frictions for saving code to make the process of sharing code very easy & less time consuming. If you want something simple, Share Bin is perfect.

What different features are present in Share Bin?

Share Bin makes the process of sharing code easy by keep the features very simply, simply paste the code or raw text you want to share, select the language mode, add a title and share it. The result? A clean URL which can be shared anywhere without any extra effort. You also get some basic features such as syntax highlighting.

Is this share bin tool safe & secure?

Yes, this share bin tool is safe & secure. Share bin data gets saved in our server, anyone having the url can only access it. We don't sell data to any 3rd party.

How can I share my code online with others?

Using this Share Bin you can share your code online with others. Also you can share a snippet code using sharebin

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