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Placeholder Image Generator



About Placeholder image generator

How to use this Placeholder image generator tool?

Steps for generating Placeholder image

  1. Image size: Enter the width & size of placeholder image you need.
  2. Image Format: Select the image format, supported formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, WebP
  3. Design: Select the Background Color & Text Color of the image.
  4. Click Generate: And the preview placeholder image will be shown in output box.
  5. Image link: Placeholder image link will be shown in the output box, copy it and use.

How to use Placeholder image link generate?

You can use the images in your HTML or CSS, like this:
<img src="">

What is a Placeholder image?

Placeholder images are Test image or dummy image or test images are used by designer to visualise a design before getting a final image.

Why is a Placeholder images used?

Placeholder images are used because it is easy & quick to use it with custom dimension, color & image format, while making designs. Later before going live or printing it is replaced with real image with appropiate dimensions.

Can we also download these placeholder images?

Yes, open the image in web browser and save it.

Are these placeholder images free?

Yes, these placeholder images are free to use.

Is this placeholder images safe & secure?

Yes, this placeholder images are safe & secure. Thanks to for these images. Refer to FAQ page & Rules page for more usage information

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