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JS Formatter



About Online Javascript Beautifier/formatter Tool

How can we use this Javascript Beautifier/formatter Tool?

Steps for online formatting of javascript

  1. Enter the javascript Code in the editor.
  2. Select Indentation with space or tabs. For space you can select the number of spaces for indentation.
  3. Select Warp Lines characters, like wrap after 40/70/80 or more characters. Select do not wrap to avoid automatic wrapping
  4. Click Format JS button and it will format the javascript code and show in output.

What is Javascript Beautifier/formatter Tool?

Javascript Beautifier/formatter is an online Tool to easily beautify your Javascript code. Paste any minified codes or unindented codes and you'll get the beautified or formatted output.

Why to beautify javascript code?

Beautifying minified code or unindented code helps developers to easily read, understand and debug it. It also makes it easier for developers to read other developers codes as well.

How does this javascript formatter tool works?

This online formatter tools uses javascript formatting library which makes it easier to format the code. The library works by using regular expressions on the source code. Regular expression matches the codes and add appropiate indentations, wrap lines and remove extra lines.

Example of Online Javascript formatting

Check below for the simple example:

Input javascript code: $(document).ready(function(){alert("This is demo alert")})

Output Formatted javascript code, check here

Check that the input one line of code is formatted to multiple lines with appropiate indentations and makes it really easy to read and debug for developers. Also, the formatted output will have syntax highlight.

Is this javascript formatter tool safe & secure?

Yes, this javascript formatter tool is safe & secure. We do not save any of your data in server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party.

How can I minify the javascript code?

To minify or compress javascript code use this, online javascript minifier